Delight is in the Details

Posted by Maria Gonzaga on Jul 18, 2017 9:28:19 AM

Customer Experience Management (CEM): How do you truly “delight” a customer? 
Every organization will talk about how important customer service is to their business. The service you provide to your customer is becoming more and more important. People want to deal with companies that treat them with respect and make them feel valued.

Relationships are the key to having loyal customers who give you references without even asking. These are the customers who speak about your company as though they were paid brand ambassadors. No matter what service you provide, these are the customers that will buy from you before any other vendor is even taken into consideration.

In order to have loyal customers, it is about creating those memorable customer experiences. You have to “delight” your customer. I am so proud of my Customer Experience Management team and the “delightful” experiences they create every day for our Zedi customers:

  • Joy – even if conversation is business related. Every conversation has a purpose but when someone says they enjoy every call with you, then you have found the recipe to customer retention.
  • Laughter – even when something may go wrong. The call starts with the customer upset and ends with laughter about something completely random brought up in conversation.
  • Appreciation – for anything and everything. How often do we feel taken for granted in our personal lives as well as in business? People don’t say thank you enough anymore. Customers feel appreciated and valued with every sincere Thank You.
  • “WOW” – an act that truly surprises you. Anytime you go over and above to make the customer happy in a way that surprises them, then you have successfully “delighted” them.

Any or all of the above involves creativity, sincerity and a true passion for your customers. I am thrilled to have a team who is willing to challenge themselves with every customer interaction.

Kimberly Vejvoda is a CEM (Customer Experience Manager) who has been with Zedi now for 6 years. Her customers have a nick name for the service she provides: “KTLC – Kim Tender Loving Care”. I consistently hear from customers, “She takes very good care of us.”, “Just when I think she can’t do more, she finds a way to do more and more for us.”, “I love speaking with Kim. She always puts a smile on my face after each call.”

Kim is truly the epitome of how to define the customer experience. She will stop at nothing to make sure her customer is happy with the end result and feel like the most important customer above anyone else.

The CEM team looks to her as a role model and strive to match her passion in every customer conversation. Zedi continues to be a customer first culture and with the leadership of Larry Spagnolo, Chief Commercial Officer/President US Operations and Gary Edwards, Director and Market Manager, US – Zedi strives to lead the way in truly DELIGHTING OUR CUSTOMERS.



Remember: D e l i g h t is in the Details

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