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Posted by Amy Thibault
Amy Thibault


Way, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had a very annoying flip phone that was really only able to make and receive calls and (upon the rare occasion) get and send a few random text messages from other techie types. The main reason I found this phone so annoying is I wanted it to be able to do so much more; and it seemed like it shouldn't be all that difficult to make it happen.

But, that's all there was on the market at the time.

I continuously wondered why on earth someone didn't make them to fetch my email, or have a decent camera in them. Then it finally became a reality and just like that we all became more mobile than we had ever dreamed of being! It was AWESOME being set free from waiting for an email, and unchained from my desk where I would often be found waiting for information to be sent.

Working from anywhere may have seemed like a dream just a couple of decades ago. But, thankfully technology has developed into making the end users (that's us; the humans) more productive and portable than we could have ever even thought about being in recent history.

Under many older oilfield operating systems working remotely would require hours of copying files onto an external drive. Then you’d have to figure out how to share and sync your files with everyone updating their version. That sounds like a ton of confusion and wasted time and all too reminiscent of my old annoying flip phone.


Everyone remains connected

With Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions everyone can connect with all the accurate, real-time data they need, wherever they might be working; sitting on the beach with friends, the coffee shop at the airport, or your dining room table. Authorized personnel can access and use data to create and share reports, monitor wells and other facilities and gain the insight and data to make informed business decisions.

They can do all this and more from a laptop or a phone, anywhere, anytime.

In the field, Emerson’s automation systems continually collect and upload thousands of operational details such as pump cards, tank levels, flow rates and much more. No one is required to drive hundreds of miles a day to check a well’s status, read tank levels, then drive back to the office to input handwritten tickets.

That keeps your field people safe—they only drive those miles when a site visit is required, such as for a PM or a repair.

Letting freedom ring

Our solutions use IIoT and machine learning to set alarms alerting you instantly when something needs attention. Before, even with remote monitoring, you’d be pouring over spreadsheets that would require hours per well to detect an anomaly. In truth, even that was an improvement over waiting for a pumper onsite to report a well that had been down for 24-48 hours before being detected.

Now it’s even better. With IIoT analyzing thousands of data points every second, you’ll know immediately that there’s an issue, wherever you are. A long list of adjustments can be made remotely, without anyone having to actually get in the truck, drive an hour or two, risk their safety all to just visit the site and make a minor adjustment.

Should a site trip be the only solution because something is physically broken, the data will most likely tell you what’s wrong, which means the right tools, parts and the right people will go out—the first time. There’s little risk of a second trip because of a surprise at arrival.

It's very exciting how the cloud enables us all. It's removing your field or office chains and setting you free to work anywhere, anytime. That's what I call freedom! We can easily get you up and running quickly to give you the freedom too!

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