How IIoT next levels your current SCADA

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There's a new sense of confidence that companies can remain operational with improved efficiencies by employing digital tools, reducing costs, and acquiring the best assets. For a long time, companies kept operations going during challenging times by decreasing operating costs, deferring maintenance expenses, divesting properties with higher costs, cutting production, and laying off personnel. Instead of relying on these traditional methods, focus on creating digital operations by deploying and utilizing the right IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) strategy for your organization.


Taking advantage of IIoT technologies and strategizing your digital journey to improve work processes, add security, increase production, free your workforce, and begin the path to operational excellence that delivers stronger, more sustainable returns that can easily be layered on to your current SCADA system to bring it to the next level of insights, mobility and actionable analytics.


Leverage IIoT technologies


At Emerson, we continuously engage with our customers to drive widespread adoption and integration of systems that leverage IioT to enhance operational performance and drive profitable results. We accomplish this by guiding Customers through a process known as “Digital Transformation."


Digital Transformation refers to the leveraging of IIoT technologies, software, services, and expertise to expand digital intelligence throughout a workforce, augmenting workflows, and processes to create new efficiencies and competencies that affect cultural and behavioral change within a company.


Our solutions deliver on the promise of IIoT, which refers to the application of interconnected devices to monitor, collect, analyze, and deliver insights to drive smarter, and faster business decisions.


To help Customers begin leveraging IIoT technologies and, ultimately, achieve Top Quartile performance, Emerson offers Zedi SaaS SCADA™ that can either work alone, or even enable your current SCADA to drive even higher return and more in depth, easy to understand analytics, control, and performance while offering an added layer of security and peace of mind.


Emerson has a scalable and secure portfolio of transformational technologies, software, and services that provide your relevant personnel with enhanced insight to enable actions that drive operational excellence.


IIoT your way


These technologies include Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA™, an IIoT cloud platform engineered to help Customers unlock the most value from their operational data. We aim to help you achieve better-performing assets, streamlined compliance, and optimized resources.

Companies can remotely monitor, control, and optimize assets. Our SaaS SCADA delivers decision making data to be accessible through a web interface to authorized end users for anytime, anywhere access to the insights they need, without all the clutter of data that isn't relevant to their role or decision making needs.

Heart Beat IconWe centralized your data in a single source to give you automated real-time control while allowing field and office personnel to make impactful decisions. Our platform permits better collaboration for your employees with data shared among all departments to help create actionable steps to achieving operational goals.

Utilizing the Zedi suite of software and SCADA solutions can help your operations increase efficiencies, diagnose equipment problems, and improve your operations' safety. In contrast, we allow you to create reports and customized dashboards for a consolidated view of your operations.

Zedi SaaS SCADA™ is also hardware agnostic, so you can use the hardware you have, or prefer. We make it easier and less expensive to acquire, send, store, and analyze information so you can achieve better and faster data to run your operations more efficiently.  

Our team is committed to continuously enhancing IIoT technologies, so your operations receive real-time data securely, quickly, and accurately 24/7.




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