Accurately merge all your SCADA data

Posted by Darren Epp on Nov 21, 2017 3:15:00 PM

It’s pretty amazing to watch the pace of mergers and acquisitions these days. Oil and gas producers are working hard to maximize investments in an economy that’s better than it was, but still not where everyone would like it to be.

Even so, it’s one thing to sign a contract to acquire a new field—and it’s another thing to handle the new field’s SCADA systems, data and controls. The question is, do you accept the system that’s there and train your people on yet another software package? Or do you spend possibly tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time replacing their system with your own—and if you do that, what happens to the legacy data they’d already collected?

You may be surprised to learn that I like those questions. Because here at Zedi we have something that hardly anyone else has – the ability to merge legacy systems and data into our system.

Here I’m talking about our systems people—their goal, to borrow from Thomas the Tank Engine, is to be Really Useful Engineers. They accomplish that by thoroughly analyzing your existing system and doing all the programming required, making it work seamlessly with ours.

That includes hardware and software.

Because we’ve done this for years now, it’s even likely that they’ve already solved the system you’re using, although no two SCADA systems are exactly alike. Still, they do this all day, every day so they can get your integration done in a timely manner.


What comes next? With Zedi Access, we put all your data securely on the Cloud. That makes it available to all appropriate personnel, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

And with Zedi Go, our mobile app, they can access information and controls, in real time, from any a mobile device.

I want you to think about this for a minute. We can help you tame all those varied systems, across all your properties, into one single user-friendly set of controls. That way, you and your team only have to be concerned with one way of doing things.

This will streamline reporting and decision making, and it will keep all your departments and regions on the same page. It may be a little short of achieving world peace, but peace on just the interdepartmental level is still a worthy goal.

Of course, if you do want to update your SCADA hardware and software, we can do the whole package for you, from installation to training to follow-up.

We’ve done all this because we really want you to succeed. Our only goal is to help you be as productive and efficient as possible. We are 100 percent on your team. If you have questions about how to integrate SCADA systems, ask me or one of my team. I’ll bet we can help.


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