Software delivers safety and braves any conditions for your operations

Posted by Amy Thibault on Mar 23, 2021 11:56:54 AM

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” doesn’t begin to describe winters in Wyoming, Montana or Alberta. Winter lows average well below zero, whatever scale you’re using. It’s why detailed training, safety, planning and teamwork are literally life-and-death issues as we help keep water, wastewater, gas distribution, and of course oil and gas production flowing - in even the coldest, and hottest areas of North with software for operations in oil and gas, water, wastewater and gas distribution

Ask anyone that works outside in temps around 110 degrees in the complete dust and heat of summer in the Texas, or well below zero in the Canada - no one leaves the yard without extensive training, preparation, and a carefully checked list, but there are still many, many safety risks to consider before venturing out.

To increase safety in your operations think Software as a Service in the cloud

We help our customers in any challenging cicumstances with more than simply a great platform that presents users with a mobile app and evergreen enhancements that never require your end users involvement to keep it updated. We can help you get everybody pulling together to safely get the very best results by making sure everyone is working from the data they need as an authorized user, with specific access to reports that are only relevant to their role in your company.

All this 'right data' keeps your people safer. When given the right data, your team can become safer without wasted trips to a field that's operating just fine; you and your team already know it's operational status, you already know what it is, or is not doing. With all your operational data and analytics at the touch of a button they no longer need to brave the cold, or burning temps to know what's going on in a remote location where you have assets.

safety with software for operations in oil and gas, water, wastewater and gas distributionThis isn't just about providing way more safety, but also presents an increase in your operational efficiencies, and we all know knowledge and speed are essential for that to happen. That happens through anytime, anywhere access to the right data.

Support is available 24/7—with the short days in the winter and endless days in the summer, it’s hard to tell what time it is anyway, so we’re always ready to help you; whenever you need us.

Access to the right data is what you can expect with the Zedi Cloud platform, and we’re always happy to sit down over a steaming cup of coffee, or a sweet iced tea and discuss how we can help increase your production with the right data in the winter, the summer and anytime in between.



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