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The Great Resignation is far too real for most production companies to keep up with—in the past couple of years many workers are leaving old jobs to find opportunities that are better aligned to their professional and personal values and goals that usually also come with bigger paychecks, more benefits and even larger promises of bright days ahead.

Some people have left the oil and gas production industry all together to take a new path that isn't as volatile or have joined organizations that don't trigger extended family meltdowns at holiday dinners because select narratives don't support oil and gas production.

These are the same types of pressures on people as they start their career that usually pushes them away from the energy sector all together into something 'safer' or what they have been told is more socially acceptable also add to the workforce shortage.

Meanwhile, back at the patch, more and more companies are facing these realities by automating and digitizing everything they possibly can. This helps the skilled workers that they do have to be more efficient and to avoid burnout—and more quitting, which would create more burnout and—you get the cycle.
Having a digital transformation strategy is vital to survival in the oil and gas industry. You may be thinking, “We’re way behind where we’d like to be or need to be, but how do we make the forward leaps we need to?”

Wherever you are on that journey, starting at just a few remote sensors, all the way to just needing some help making data available to every department in real time—or even operating pumps autonomously - we can help you move quickly. That’s because with Emerson's Zedi Cloud you’re not re-inventing the wheel or anything else. We already have systems set up that can integrate your valuable legacy data, along with collecting and making available your daily real time data, to give all your authorized users a complete picture— in real time.

When you work together with one of our experts, you’ll discuss your needs, your goals and your biggest challenges. Our systems have been created and continually updated to make the transition simple, speedy and transparent.
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With Zedi Access, you can use our existing reports or create your own to display any data you need for accounting, sales, load management, production histories etc., to any authorized personnel. Because it's cloud-based, it’s ready for them in a meeting across the continent or around the world, on any time zone or schedule you have.

Planning to expand, or maybe to sell an asset to buy one that better fits your portfolio? That’s great! The Zedi Cloud platform is scalable to accommodate any changes you make. If you’re taking on a new field, it can easily uptake historic data for that field and integrate it seamlessly into your database. Data management tools let you fully evaluate the new properties and make skillful decisions right from the start.

Now your talented energy production workforce will no longer be wasting time digging behind the file cabinet or in the service truck’s glove box for missing logs that are illegible anyway. They can be alerted to field issues immediately, hitting the site in time to avert or at least minimize issues, so they save you thousands in repairs and in continued production.

Before the next employee gives you their notice, call us and we can help make up for those empty seats with rich, relevant decision making data and analytics; so much so that you won't have a problem accepting the next notice with a big smile and well wishes.


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