Juggling is for the circus

Maybe you’ve declared your intention to digitally transform your production.Cloud based platform That’s great. It’s a growing trend and it will really boost efficiency. But the jury is still out on whether to do it in-house or to let us do it for you.

I have a question that may clarify that decision for you:

What are you good at?

You’re good at evaluating leases, considering how to economically produce a field and to get that oil and gas to market. If you were to jump into the field of developing a cloud based platform, what would that look like in terms of hiring, training and implementing?

Would it involve any of the expertise you have now? Not very much, except in deciding what data you need.

The Zedi team is really, really good at cloud technology. 

That means you tell us what you want and how you want your data reported. That’s it. Now you can go back to your day job, it's just that easy.

We do the rest, including making sure it's as secure as possible, making sure your people don't have to mess around with updates, configure your data and provide you and your authorized Users with all the reports, alarms, data you’re looking for to ensure your more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Sometimes I hear from producers who are using one company for tank monitoring, one for meters and another for pump off controllers or VSDs—and yet another company for the reporting and hosting of the data.

digital transformation for oil and gas productionAny questions go through one call—our friendly, knowledgeable, can-do-attitude Support team. You’ll hear, “Yes, we can do that,” instead of “That’s not my department.” Unless you want to learn to juggle—that would indeed be a different department.

This even applies if we’re taking over an existing SCADA system you already have. We’re trained in just about any manufacturer’s sensors or communications system, so we can incorporate it into Zedi Access and get you the reports you need just as fast as if we installed it ourselves—maybe faster, since it’s already in place.

All this while you’re staying focused on what you’re good at—producing oil and gas.

We’re really, really good at cloud tech, and we’d love to show you how that can help you keep doing what you’re good at. You can explore; do. We’ll do the rest.


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