The science of safety with software

Posted by Jennifer Sartor on May 10, 2018 8:10:00 AM

Here in the Eagle Ford plays of deep south Texas, we have plenty to worry about: heat, dust, software for safer oil and gas production operationsthe occasional rattlesnake, and H2S for starters. Life certainly keeps us on our toes!

What our customers like about having their remote monitoring data readily available through Zedi Access is that it shortens their list of things to worry about. Considerably.

For example: collecting long-term well data through Zedi Access lets producers use past performance to predict future production and, of course, revenue. From there they can do other revenue-based planning such as capital expenditures, payroll, or M&A.

Clients are also telling me what they like about the day-to-day information they get from something as basic as Emerson's Zedi Tank Monitoring for relevant tank alarming. These days nobody wants to wait till the end of the month to get production figures—especially when a few well-placed monitors on meters can give you that information in real time.

Tank monitoring in real time can prevent spills, production shutdowns, or other expensive problems. We can set tank level monitoring alarms at different urgency and dispatch levels, per our customer’s request.

software for safer oil and gas production operationsThere are safety bonuses to remote monitoring as well, especially where H2S lurks invisibly in so many places. When a remote sensor tells you the pump or measurement devices are working fine and tanks are at expected levels, there’s no need for a field technician or operator to visit the site armed with H2S sensors and equipment.

If you’re not from around here, you might be surprised at yet another benefit to remote monitoring—it lets us work around the restrictions involved in deer season. As very much an outdoors-woman myself—both on land or water, I can relate! During deer season there are times that access to a lease is restricted. So remote monitoring—and remote control—can help us manage well site trips. We don’t want to spook the deer of a lifetime—and we really don’t want a rifle pointed at us, anyway.

This information also saves a whole lot of windshield time in any Basin—the Permian, Louisiana, Alberta, Wyoming, Colorado - you name it. The best part is that this is all scale-able. If you want to start by monitoring a few tanks in your remotest locations, we can do that. Lots of our clients start that way, see the huge benefits, and come back to us asking, “How can we expand our monitoring to become even more efficient?”

Yes, we can help.

We can even install security cameras. They can be motion activated by the opening of a lease access gate, so you can see who’s showing up at the site—if they’re an authorized employee or tank truck, or if they’re not.




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