How Zedi Optimized Production and Improved Operations on Offshore Oil Wells

Posted by Adin Nand on Dec 22, 2016 9:30:00 AM

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A Zedi Customer in SE Asia had the challenge of optimizing production on 11 wells located on 3 offshore platforms. Zedi developed and implemented a Production Monitoring and Optimization System (PMOS) solution to remotely monitor and analyze real-time production data while controlling gas lift processes for their offshore platforms. The customer had clear objectives including meeting production targets, increasing operational efficiency and reducing safety risks.

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On each offshore platform at the wellhead, an automated closed loop control system monitors vital production data such as pressures, temperatures and flow rates. This data is transmitted through Zedi’s secure network using satellite communication services and a managed IT and network infrastructure.

Remote alarming gives operators the ability to immediately respond to any malfunctions or faults detected on the offshore platform. The system will react instantaneously and automatically adjust valve positions until steady-state production is reached once again. Even in unexpected events such as a sudden decrease in gas lift flow rate due to compressor issues.

Real-time data is viewed remotely by the end-user, anywhere and anytime with the Zedi Access software solution and Zedi SCADA system. Analysis of this data including consolidation, trends and reporting allows the user to make better operational decisions when remotely adjusting gas lift control to optimize production. Real-time data combined with gas lift control allows for the optimization of oil production on the offshore platform.

The investment was justified through a 17.8% production improvement equating to an increase of 694.8 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). High reliability, availability of equipment, and system performance of Zedi’s solution contributed to this production objective.

The newly implemented system optimized the customer’s well testing process through remote control of gas lift and production analysis. The PMOS solution fitted with Zedi Technology allowed the producer to view real-time data, optimize gas lift, increase operational efficiency, reduce safety risks and ultimately increase oil production on their offshore platform.


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