Digital transformation prescription

Posted by Evan Jubb
Evan Jubb

A key factor in any business’s ability to persevere during challenging times is to stay relevant and adapt to their evolving environment. There’s a consensus across all industries today that accurate data collection and application of this data is necessary to improve business operations.Digital transformation

Even though there may be opposing headwinds across various markets, businesses that focus on what they can control will be better positioned to manage and subsequently benefit when the winds change. The consequences for all industrial business sectors (primary or secondary) could be irreversible if they do not recognize and embrace the age of digital transformation.

Digital transformation journey

Many organizations are reluctantly holding themselves back with inefficient workflow processes, reduced productivity levels and overall poor management of their critical assets will continue to feel the slow bleed of underperformance. As margins for profitability continue to be squeezed and minor blunders begin to have lasting effects, it’s important to have reliable remote visibility and control of your operations.

No matter the industry, capturing and making a logical and machine-driven business decisions based on data collection is the best way to manage maintenance costs, avoid downtime and mitigate costly unforeseen events.

There are many cautionary tales of those that did not make the necessary strategic moves when others around were adapting to the changing landscape. If action is required today and not taken, businesses could find themselves unable to bridge the technology gap as it continues to expand. Ultimately, they will be powerless to keep up with their competition or other industries that progressed at an earlier time.

Digital transformation

However, when new technologies are used to fundamentally change operational procedures, affect personnel development, or establish new strategic initiatives across the entire organization, that’s when a digital transformation takes place.

Even though change can be difficult, accepting technology early and partnering with established innovators can make the journey less stressful. Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions is excited to help businesses navigate the world of remote asset monitoring and blend the recommended technology prescription with your existing business practices. Allow us to shoulder the burden of change and help you on your digital transformation journey.

Better business decisions 

We securely control and monitor over 2.5 million sensors and thousands of devices, providing production data and real-time analytics to users, enabling better business decisions. The Zedi Cloud platform provides Customers with scalable and easily deployable, connected solutions to optimize, control, and manage your operations from anywhere, anytime.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with our customized solutions tailored to your project's size and growth while increasing the reliability of your assets. 




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