Best IIoT platform developments of 2022


Our expert IIoT platform developers have had another productive year of making our SaaS suite, security and the platform it all lives on it's very best with impactful updates, patches, security changes and development. Here are a few of our favorite updates from 2022 - we hope you agree!



• Our IIoT platform now runs on Microsoft Azure™

• 2FA (two-factor authentication) is now available

• Flagged alarms for mandatory acknowledgement

• Gas composition import upgrades and additions

• Improved Zedi Vital™ reporting and additional security

• Enhanced work-flows & security in Zedi Roughneck™

• Additional restriction features for oil well test

• Sensor summary tab format value enhancements

• Elaborated numerical value distinctions

• Personalize company units of measure for export

• Alarm notification tags in the home page hierarchy

• Additional asset latitude and longitude options

Best of 2022 IIoT platform updates for industrial software


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