Top 5 tips to increase oil and gas production

Posted by Nate Lane


If you ask around for a single term that describes getting the right production data, most engineers in oil and gas would hesitate to say “simple” or “straightforward.” Here at Zedi, data is our thing; we live it and breathe it – heck, some of us even dream about it - you can’t control when innovation may strike! Our customers continue to benefit from solutions that are streamlined and straightforward thanks to our software development and engineering people.

After all, the value of production data could not be simpler: optimizing production leads to increased profitability. That said, here are my top 5 tips to help increase your oil and gas production:

1) Engineers can be your best friend, or your worst enemy

This first point will always get my team riled up! Unless you have the resources to sink in to a custom-engineered automation solution, engineering can easily get sidetracked with the bells and whistles around the solution, over-complicating and increasing the initial scope. Your project may end up taking more time than you have available – the sooner you have your data, the sooner you can begin optimizing production and performance.

Always make sure your engineers have a clearly defined scope for a project or make use of our engineering people we have on staff at Emerson.


2) Get out of your own way

As with most technology, oi land gas production tech is constantly innovating and growing in scope. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to land a design on the cutting edge of technology for fear of ‘what’s coming up next that might be better!’ Trust me, there will always be something better eventually, and your priority is to execute a well-designed and reliable system.

Don’t be your own roadblock to increasing production.


3) SCADA data is just the beginning

In addition to making sure that your SCADA system can deliver the data you need, it should also help you make sense of that data. An ideal SCADA solution will present your authorized people with advanced data analytics to save your employees some very valuable time.

By clearly displaying easy-to-read, vivid data analytics, you’ll find your people are able to progress towards production goals more efficiently, and focused.


4) A digital transformation project requires care from installation on-wards

Make sure you have a great installation team; ideally one that knows how to put everything together at the field level and ensure that equipment is functioning right from the start! However, it doesn’t end there- your team should be able to fix any issues that may come up over time in the system.

Hardware that’s not working is what I like to call ‘junk’, and no one needs more junk.


5) Call us

Pretty easy, right? Our Support is here to help you every step of your project and then available 24/7 after you're up and running. we can roll out your project and have it up and running in weeks. With all the pieces of the puzzle already figured out – the right hardware, the right platform and only the very best service team members to put it all together, we can ensure you are seeing productions benefits on a much faster timeline.

Our people can easily handle every step needed to gain the data you need for rod pumps, tanks, pipeline leaks, compressors and so much more.

Technology can seem complicated, but remember these tips and contact the team here at Zedi to help with your project today.



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