Safer water management

Posted by Najat Khalil on Oct 26, 2020 10:30:22 AM

The water management industry continues to be plagued by multiple challenges, including aging Safer water management through automation and cloud datainfrastructure combined with an aging workforce that puts our water supply systems at even greater risk due to the loss of critical expertise and other hurdles like natural disasters including wildfires, floods, and drought that can significantly impact the safety of our water systems.


Water management operations will need to unleash the value of data by using analytics and other technologies to drive better decision-making, optimize and prioritize system investments, and drive cost efficiencies that create safer operations.


Improve safety measures with Emerson Zedi Cloud SCADA 


Keeping people safe and preventing damage to equipment, facilities, and the environment, should be a top priority for any industry. Implementing Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform can help companies create effective safety measures for their operations.



Improve Operations Process

Our cloud-based SCADA helps water operations reduce the risk of injury by removing workers from dangerous work situations before they are even put into them and avoiding unnecessary risk.

Water utility operations can keep their personnel from unnecessary remote and hazardous locations with cloud-based software that can perform the same functions from the convenience of a smartphone or computer from anywhere, at anytime.


Emergency Response

Remote automation systems will usually respond faster to emergencies by providing real-time monitoring. You can avoid unexpected events from happening with increased monitoring and control of operations.

Our platform offers cloud-based diagnostics and remote functions that can locate and analyze potential hazards, provide alarms for relevant personnel, and support emergency response activities.

Further, these applications can be integrated with additional sensing and analytics capabilities to provide a more comprehensive HSE hazard detection and response program.


Improve Safety Planning

Manual inspections and outdated maintenance practices make it extremely difficult to recognize and mitigate potential risks to personnel's health and safety, the environment, and surrounding communities.

Our Cloud SCADA system makes it easy for companies to update safety protocols and create a plan of action in the case of an emergency. You'll be able to remotely monitor and control operations without disrupting the business when the unexpected happens.

Keeping people safe has become a matter of accessing information and performing tasks from remote locations while monitoring critical assets and processes for risk factors that cannot be detected by manual inspections alone.


Safety with automation at location and cloud-based data anywhere, anytime

Safer water management through automation and cloud dataThe benefits of safety using automation and accurate data creates more engaged workers. While our Cloud SCADA software is monitoring operations, workers will have time to work on high task projects that require more critical thinking. Employees feel appreciated knowing their company values their safety.

Your operations can reduce costs by merely improving safety procedures; this helps decrease injuries from occurring and increase efficiencies in processes. Additional steps are needed for continued safety with automated systems that include employee training, routine maintenance, risk assessments and knowing legal requirements.

By implementing the Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA platform, we can help your company reduce HSE risks and make sure your water management operations is ready for anything.


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