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Amy Thibault



You may assume a cloud-based SCADA platform is just another operational system like all the others. After you utilize data visualization tools and cloud applications embedded in Emerson's Zedi Cloud Platform you realize you can turn your data into knowledge for faster and better business decisions.


That is what advanced analytics is all about! It's getting that next level of analytics from your remotely located assets and using that data to help you quickly turn knowledge into wisdom; or actual decision making data, and in some cases, actually driving the decisions to be made autonomously based on the historical data and what the machine can learn from how things were previously corrected so many times before; so you, and your people can focus your day on your core business.


Cloud applications with advance analytics 


Here are two Zedi cloud applications created with advanced analytics. Both applications are easily customizable for your industrial operations.


We will start with the Emerson's Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management. This application uses an AI analytics engine to analyze pump cards and other data to classify and correct operational anomalies autonomously.



You probably know that incomplete pump fill doesn't stop at wasting strokes and increasing pump wear with a rod-pumped well. It can also create severe fluid pounding. What happens at around 50% pump fill. Fluid pound coincides with the traveling valve hitting a maximum speed of the rod string within a stroke. This can buckle rods and accelerate wear and failures, which compound the issue of not being able to detect incomplete pump fill quickly.


Once the AI engine identifies an anomaly such as fluid pounding in a rod pump well, it will autonomously send corrective actions to the VFD to mitigate or eliminate the anomaly at hand. Other identifiable anomalies include gas interference, gas locking, parted rods, sticking pump barrel, waxing/sanding and more.


Analyze historical and new data   


Another example of advanced cloud analytics is Emerson's Zedi Pipeline Leak Detection application. This approach is to observe the overall behavior of the pipeline and characterize it from the statistical perspective to determine the data patterns that are normal and abnormal.


Optimized for single phase, in-compressible fluids, the system uses data from existing sensors to learn the normal operating parameters and diagnose when a potential incident is occurring, including system anomalies and other maintenance issues.


Industrial operations with advanced analyticsUsing your historical and live data, the system can improve accuracy as the software tracks pump outages, meter reliability metrics, and changes in pressure and flow. For example, saltwater disposal or SWD pipelines lines are often relatively short, less than two miles long. But they're also often in remote locations, and any leak can quickly do hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.


Those costs can include repairs, remediation fees, possible fines, even lost production while regulators shut down the site until they're satisfied with repairs.


As part of a leak detection program, our software does not and cannot eliminate leaks. Early detection and intervention, however,
can potentially reduce the impact of leaks.



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